Ocean View Flowers

About Us

We have a passion for quality, and we are on a mission of continuous quality improvement. Ocean View Flowers is located in the Lompoc Valley, fifty miles northwest of Santa Barbara near the Pacific Ocean. The valley’s unique geological and geographic conditions make it one of the finest flower growing regions in California. The Lompoc coast is where the northern and southern currents of the Pacific Ocean meet. This unique coastal phenomenon results in the cool ocean breezes that help provide excellent growing and harvesting conditions for all our varieties. California has many different microclimates. In the winter months we follow the warmer temperatures to the southern desert area of Brawley and then north to the high desert of Maricopa.

Our Practices

Careful seed bed preparation and precision plantings enhance plant development. Critically timed drip irrigation and injection of plant nutrients improve yields and strengthen plant tissue for improved vase life. We are in a constant field rotation with produce crops which are most beneficial to the structure and composition of our soil. The synergistic effect of these growing practices produces the highest quality fresh cut flowers for delivery to your customer.

Our carefully trained employees take the extra time to hand select the best flowers and to look for the best length, stem thickness, color and cut stage. Immediately after harvesting, each bunch is placed in the correct post harvest solution.

At every opportunity we practice Lean Manufacturing and state of the art business practices. This management system allows us to eliminate “waste”, focus on product improvements and to provide personal customer service while passing the savings along to you.

Cold Chain

Our cold chain management practices are state of the art. Every box is custom packed in a 48 degree cooler with 85 percent relative humidity/dew point to reduce condensation. After packing, boxes are moved to our storage cooler which is maintained at 36 degrees. Boxes are pre-cooled prior to shipment. Pre-cooling is a critical link in the chain of life process and with confidence we can say our cold chain management is among the best in the industry.

Our Environment

Ocean View is a Veriflora certified grower. Veriflora, recognized as the gold-standard in the floriculture and horticulture industries, is an independent third party agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labeling program. Veriflora delivers tangible results that benefit consumers, employees, the environment and the bottom-line. The Veriflora label meets consumer demand for sustainably grown cut flowers and helps assure product quality and longevity.