Ocean View Flowers

The Ocean View Flowers Mission Statement

With a passion for quality we will endeavor to consistently meet or exceed the needs of our floral customers. We will foster employee development in a challenging and rewarding work environment while maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity & respect in all relationships.

The Ocean View Flowers Culture


We believe in building relationships based on respect AND treating others the way we want to be treated. This means we take the time to listen, so that we can better understand the needs of our customers as well as each other. We will be fair and reasonable in all our interactions.

Quality Driven

We are committed to excellence in the flowers we grow and the service we provide. We educate our employees in the growing, harvesting and processing standards necessary to meet the quality requirements of our products. Each and every flower is inspected as part of our process. We believe our service is a reflection the value we place on our relationships with our customers.

Personal Accountability

Each employee performs an essential role in the success of Ocean View Flowers. As such, each employee is expected to take ownership of their responsibilities. We endeavor to provide an environment that encourages and supports acknowledgement of both personal failures and successes.

Customer Centric

Our customers deserve the highest quality flowers and professional service. From harvesting, to order processing, to packing, to accounting, everything we do is done with that in mind.


We practice and promote teamwork to provide the best possible products and services to our customers.

“Can Do” Attitude

We accept the daily challenges of the flower business. We attempt to overcome obstacles as a means to satisfy customers and expand our capabilities. Employees are encouraged to creatively and expediently resolve difficulties to accomplish their goals.


We encourage innovation in all aspects of our company. Finding better products, production processes or means of serving our customers is the key to success at Ocean View Flowers.

Personal and Professional Growth

We recognize that every person has potential for personal and professional growth. We actively foster an environment that values learning, improving, and innovating.

Measuring Success

We encourage our employees to fully participate in the success of our company. We believe in recognizing and rewarding their achievements. In order to develop our employees, we objectively evaluate their contributions and provide regular feedback.

Prudent Risk Taking

We embody the adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. While risk is inherent in the most successful of ventures, we advocate bold endeavors backed by careful planning.