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Common Name: Boxwood

Family Roots: Boxwood or Buxus is a genus of about 70 species in the family Buxaceae. Common names include box (majority of English-speaking countries) or boxwood (North America).

Personality: The leaves are opposite, rounded to lanceolate, and leathery. They are excellent for bouquet and arraignment work.

Availability: September to June

Stem Length: Varies, 30 inches

Care & Handling: Remove the bottom leaves (if present), cut stems under water, and place in a fresh flower solution.

Tidbits: Owing to the relatively high density of the wood (it is one of the few woods that is denser than water), boxwood is often used for chess pieces. Wooden chess sets almost always use boxwood for the white pieces and commonly use stained ("ebonized") boxwood for the black pieces, in lieu of ebony. Boxwood is also used for high quality violin and viola fittings. The extremely fine end-grain of box makes it suitable for woodblock printing. Boxwood was a common material for the manufacture of recorders in the eighteenth century, and a large number of mid- to high-end instruments made today are produced from one or other species of boxwood.

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