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Common Name: Calcynia (Thryptomene)

Family Roots: Thryptomene is a genus of small shrubs in the family Myrtaceae which are native to Australia. "Calcynia" is not a correct name of this plant. The correct name is "Thryptomene calynia" (no "c" between l-y).

Personality: The Grampians Heath Myrtle (Thryptomene calycina) is a beautiful shrub found growing wild in southwest Victoria, where it is common on rocky mountainsides. Flowers of exceptional quality are the main attractions of this species, which flowers from autumn to spring.

During April the first pinkish buds appear low on the branches and open to tiny flat flowers facing all one way in straight tapering sprays. They are pure white with a dark eye. Flowering gradually spreads over the shrub until in mid-winter the plant appears covered with snowy spires. These are checked only by the severest spells of cold. On fading, the flowers become suffused with pink tints that are held until mid-October and merge into the brighter spring show of other plants. This is a perfect cut flower lasting many weeks in water even as long sprays.

Availability: July to October

Stem Length: 28 inches

Flower Length: Varies

Care & Handling: Remove the bottom leaves (if present), cut stems under water, and place in a fresh flower solution.

Tidbits: Calcynia is a popular white filler flower that will give height to any table centerpiece, wedding bouquet or flower arrangement. Calcynia features tiny fisheye blooms that run the length of a branchy stem, and it is known for its premium quality and long-lasting vase life.

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