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Common Name: Delphinium

Family Roots: Member of Ranunculaceae (butter cup) family. Native from Europe to Siberia. Common relatives include columbine, larkspur, monkshood, and anemone.

Personality: Height from 36 inches. Single or double flowers occur on unbranched spikes. Plant is classed as a dicotyledon, leaves not parallel-veined. Flowers are not fragrant.

Availability: Year-round, peak inspiring.

Stem Length: 24–35 inches

Flower Length: 4–8 inches

Care & Handling: Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems under water, and place in a fresh flower food solution. Sugar in the flower food can delay ethylene production and decrease the flower's sensitivity to ethylene. To restate, make sure that they are treated with an anti-ethylene product properly.

Storage Specifics: 32°–36°F

Tidbits: Delphinium’s petals have been said to resemble the bottle-nose of the dolphin, hence the Greek derivative of the name “delphis,” which means dolphin. This species is an important parent of many garden hybrids and therefore is often named “D. x elatum,” the “x” meaning a cross of different species. Good vertical accent. Make sure stems are rinsed in tap water prior to cutting under water to remove excess debris that could clog stems.

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