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Varietal Names: Baby Eucalyptus, Feather, Gunii, Moon Lagoon, Seeded, and Silver Dollar

Family Roots: Member of the Myrataceae (myrtle) family, common relatives of this species include bottlebrush and tea-tree. Native to Austrialia.

Personality: Leaves are circular, 1–2 inches in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems. Stems are woody, cut to various lengths. Plant is a broadleaf evergreen tree, classed as a dicotyledon, leaves not parallel- veined. Leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragarance.

Availability: Year-round.

Stem Length: Various lengths

Care & Handling: Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems under water, and place into water with regular household bleach at 20 drops (1/4 teaspoon) per quart or in a fresh flower food solution.

Storage Specifics: Depending on species and cultivar, some recommend up to 35 days at 33°–35°F dry or about 7 days wet. Others show that they can be stored wet or dry at 41°F for up to 5 weeks.

Tidbits: Scientific name is from the Greek words “eu”(well) and “kalpto”(to cover), referring to how the calyx forms a cap over the flower bud.Well-known for its medicinal properties, oil extracted from the Eucalyptus leaves is used to cure various ailments, from intestinal problems to insect bites. Minor dermatitis can occur due to frequent handling. Can be used fresh or dried, and is sometimes dyed and preserved with glycerin. Flowers or seed pods sometimes included with foliage.

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