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Varietal Names: King, Safari Sunset, Silver Tree, Pink Mink, Pink Ice, Pincushion, Repens, and Obtusifolia

Family Roots: The Proteaceae family of plants is comprised of over 1,400 species, of which the Protea genus contains 150. Native to South Africa. Relatives include grevillea, leucodendron, leucospermum, and banksia.

Personality:These colorful flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Availability: Most times of the year.

Stem Length: 20–30 inches

Flower Length: 2–12 inches

Care & Handling: Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems under water, and place in a fresh flower food solution. Keep in well-lit area.The sugar in some flower foods can sometimes prevent leaf blackening; however, it seems that glucose works better than sucrose, which may explain why some flower foods work better than others in preventing leaf blackening.

Storage Specifics: 32°–34°F Provide light during storage to prevent leaf blackening.

Tidbits: Named after Proteus, a Greek sea god with the power of prophecy. Spectacular focal points in contemporary arrangements, the durable protea will often bloom for several months. Due to their sturdy structure, these flowers travel well and are particularly long-lasting in opulent floral displays.

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Pincushion (Orange)
Pincushion (Scarlet Ribbon)
Pincushion (Yellow)
Pink Ice
Pink Mink
Pink Repens
White Mink