Ocean View Flowers


Autumn is the time of year when texture becomes a major consideration in floral design. While texture is always present in any floral styling, fall has a definite association with textural components. Grasses and foliages change character, giving a stronger presence in arrangements. Richer colors, more substantial forms, and strong linear contributions enhance floral stylings with texture. With so many available choices, we can group the materials into categories of grasses, foliages, accents, fillers, and forms.

Accents are the spice or unexpected find that gives interest in a design. Ornamental pepper, pumpkin tree and safflower all contribute interest forms as well as autumn colors to an autumn styling. Leucadendrons such as safari sunset, jubilee crown, and salignum cones give a cone like interest to designs and color enhancement too. They vary from deep rich red-browns to vibrant yellow-green. Pincushions and pink ice protea are often used as focal interest and are very long lasting. Ornamental kale is also a great choice for a more unusual focal interest. Craspedia with its sphere or orb form provides much interest because of its unusual shape and golden coloration. These too are best used in groups or with multiple placements.

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